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ID Name ImageURL Price
AW0501 Andy Warhol Butterflies 5pk Mag. 18249FP $9.99

BT0501 Beatles 5pk Mag. 18233FP $9.99

EP0501 Elvis 5pk Mag. 08211FP $9.99

EP0502 Elvis 5pk Mag. 18427FP $9.99

LL0501 I Love Lucy 5pk Mag. 18212FP $9.99

LL0601 I Love Lucy MixnMatch. mxlu1 $9.99

LT0501 Looney Tunes 5pk Mag. 08206FP $9.99

OO0501 Osbourne Family, The 5pk Mag. 18238FP $9.99

TS0501 Three Stooges, The 5pk Mag. 18202FP $9.99

LR0501 Lord of the Rings 5pk Mag. 18234FP This item is out of stock and has been discontinued.

KI0501 KISS 5pk Mag. 18229FP $9.99



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